Drum Attachment for Forklift Lifter and Tilter

Drum Attachment for Forklift Forkliftrivews.Com Alreday know forklift attachments? Or want know drum handling equipment?

4 Types Drum Attachment for Forklift Equipment

A drum attachment provides more helps to lift and move a drum in frequent basis. Various drum attachments are available at different sizes and models. At least there are two main types of drum attachment for forklift, which are crane slung and carriage mounted.

A crane slung means that the drum will be lifted from the top using a hook, crane, or other lifting device. While carriage mounted means that the drum will positioned in the fork tine and then stapled steadily. Of course both types have its own advantages and disadvantages.

Drum Attachment for Forklift

Drum Attachment for Forklift

#1. Fork Lift Drum Attachment

It is a complete automatic system and fully mechanical system. This equipment loaded griping mechanism which is perfect to handle rimmed drums. The material is made of steel construction that will last longer. The grip is powerful enough to keep the drum stays in the position even in rough environment. This drum attachment provides more safety during the task.


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Drum for forklift has ability to grab a drum from a side or middle with a claw before lifting up and move. This type provides more stability also maneuverability while transporting some loads. The basic material is made from steel, so it durable enough to use every day.

#2. Drum Clamp

Drum Attachment for Forklift

It has the same instalment as chain hoist, electric hoist, and crane. Drum clamp provides more flexibility to lift various drum sizes, from a small drum to a larger drum, or even a drum with unusual shaped. The basic operation from this specific drum attachment for forklift is by pulled two shank to get closer.

Drum clamp offers a simple solution to lifting and moving a drum, both metallic and plastic drums. This versatile drum attachmentis able to lift a 1500 kg both in horizontal and vertical positions, either gripping from the top or gripping around the middle through gator grip.

#3. Barrel Grab

Drum Attachment for Forklift

Either picking, lifting, moving, or transporting drum or barrel can be a disaster. Barrel grab is very useful to wide ranges applications, such as drum lifter, barrel clamp, drum handler, and others. It simply by attaching a barrel grab to the forklift blade, and the rest will be easy task.

This drum attachment for forklift is able to lift various type of drums. It can lift plastic drum, mauser drum, fiber drum, steel drum, etc. By applying barrel grab, you have the most versatile drum attachment at your forklift. Off course you need a different setting according to the drum type.

#4. Vertical Drum Lifter

Perhaps, it’s one of the safest model of drum attachment for forklift. Vertical drum lifter is able to gripping any size of drums, whether steel, fiber, or plastic. The security during lifting is the most essential aspect during the movement process, and vertical drum lifter provides it.

It’s considered as important equipment for oil industry, or other business that using drum on daily basis. Drum attachment for forklift will keep the drum stays on the position while being moved. All drum attachment is simply to use, jut slide onto the blade and lock it by bolting mechanism.

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