Forklift Batteries Maintenance

We suggest a monthly cleaning even if its not required by your warranty to help avoid build-up which can cause tray corrosion faster self-discharge and possibly even impact the forklifts electronics. Do not opportunity charge.

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Be sure to always consult your battery seller or local forklift maintenance expert to ensure that you follow specific requirements for your make and model of battery.

Forklift batteries maintenance. Forklift battery maintenance tips Dont overcharge the battery. Lets start with some basic – yet often overlooked – donts of forklift battery maintenance. Equaliseweekend charge option should be selected every five to ten charge cycles.

This creates high temperatures that will result in overheating. It is important to use purified water when carrying out forklift battery maintenance. Cool refreshing H 2 O doesnt just keep your body running water is crucial for proper battery function in electric forklifts.

Never add water to acid solutions. Use special equipment like a walkie pallet jack equipped with a transfer carriage to maneuver the battery. Improper watering cleaning and charging can cut battery life by 50.

Keep batteries running at maximum efficiency with quarterly semi-annual or annual service. Use these tips for some ideas about handling batteries properly. Other general safety battery maintenance tips include.

It might seem like a simple task but making sure your forklift batteries are sufficiently cleaned is essential. Inspections include safety checkup components review individual cell scrutiny and proper cleaning of each unit. Forklift Battery Maintenance The lead-acid batteries of forklifts require periodic maintenance that includes cleaning and watering to ensure safe and proper operations.

CLEANING YOUR FORKLIFT BATTERY. The continuous maintenance of the batteries is essential for the forklift to work safely at all times and be ready to carry out its work. Make sure the charger is OFF before connecting or disconnecting it from the battery.

It can be tempting to charge a battery whenever it is convenient but the fact is that in order to properly maintain a forklift battery it should only be charged at certain times and to certain degrees. Avoid charging a forklift battery passed 100 per cent. What is good forklift battery maintenance.

Watering the cells washing the battery case and conducting regular equalization charges. It is up to the user to properly charge the battery to ensure that it performs as it was designed to. Seven tips for proper battery maintenance Keep the battery clean dry and free from corrosion Maintain the correct water level about one half inch below the battery cap opening Add water only after the charge cycle.

If a forklift battery is charged once each working day it will last 5 years. A detailed explanation of each task follows along with tips to perform each job safely. To extend the life span of your forklift battery to ensure safety and optimal performance and to decrease unnecessary expenses proper maintenance is crucial.

Offering motive power batteries in 12V 24V 36V 48V 60V 80V 96V and other custom voltage applications. Forklift batteries can be heavy and dangerous if not handled properly so its important to be educated on the correct way to handle them. Most batteries will take about 1500 cycles recharges in their life.

Fortunately with a few proactive simple steps on how to care for your forklift battery you can get the most out. Make sure the forklift is off with the emergency brake engaged before charging. Add acid slowly to water.

This is normally distilled or deionised pure water. A dead forklift battery means a forklift is down which directly impacts the productivity of your operation. Clean and dry the batteries.

Storage Battery Systems is one of the largest Power Solutions providers of fork truck batteries forklift battery accessories forklift battery chargers forklift battery services handling equipment safety equipment watering systems and forklift battery demorentals and. While routine battery maintenance can be outsourced to a third-party the best results occur when companies provide training to forklift operators. There are three essential maintenance tasks that provide reliable service for forklift batteries.

Forklift Truck Batteries Forklift battery maintenance. Forklift batteries must be properly maintained to reach their full potential. Cleaning the top of the forklift batteries with battery cleaner or warm water is not only a good maintenance practice.

These batteries contain hazardous materials including sulfuric acid and lead plates so it is important for persons to wear. Additionally forklift uptime can be increased with periodic and proper maintenance of your industrial forklift batteries. It is also required on some batteries to maintain the warranty check your warranty documentation just to be sure.

Improper water levels can lower battery life and reduce cycle time between charges decreasing your forklifts effectiveness while increasing energy and maintenance costs. Unclean or eroded batteries will not only affect the function of your forklifts but they could even nullify the warranty of your product. Charge a forklifts battery only when it dips below 30 charge and be sure to charge it until it is full and then stop charging it.

Industrial batteries like all pieces of industrial equipment require proper maintenance to prolong their useful life. Scheduled Maintenance Proper service and maintenance can help extend the life of your forklift battery. Mains tap water contains dissolved solids that is damaging to the cell plates and should be avoided.

Watering Forklift Batteries Battery Maintenance Forklift Battery

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