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Myself to drive a forklift these many years later I was reminded of the importance of forklift driver training and safety this week when I saw a short video of an absolutely horrendous forklift accident. Watch the best video collection of funny incidents occurred with Forklift trucks.

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German safety video forklift. Because Klaus is the central character in a workplace safety video. Get your team aligned with all the tools you need on one secure reliable. Forklift Driver Klaus The First Day on the Job is a German short film from 2000 about the first day of Klaus work as a forklift driver.

Just sharing an absolute favourite movie that I had watched many years ago and never tire of it. Funny Safety Video – German Forklift. Normally I really dislike posting video threads especially if I cant say much about them.

Forklift instructional safety video. Its a rarity in safety literature because. Forklifts hitting pedestrians.

It is of a German forklift driver Klaus and his first day on the job. You really should take more care and get the proper training when operating a Forklift truck and in this German video Klaus shows us how not to go about things. Which brings me to the German forklift safety video thats been making the rounds online.

The dangers of unsafe operation are presented in gory details. This is quite long 0840mins and in German but is like nothing else weve ever seen. Broadcast your events with reliable high-quality live streaming.

The film is a parody of work safety films from the 1980s. If you would like to download this safety video to keep instead of just playing it once here then you can do so at the site that has a few different funny safety videos to download and choose from. Short film depicting a fictional educational film about fork lift truck operational safety.

View all files in this category. A It illustrates people being severed in half having their hands torn off and blood coating the walls yet b it somehow maintains a Monty-Python-like sense of humor about it. The film was written and directed by Stefan Prehn and Joerg Wagner.

But really it is a good eye opener. Separation is the key to forklift safety. Record and instantly share video messages from your browser.

With Konstantin Graudus Gustav Adolph Artz Juergen Kittel Soenke Korries. The article and video highlight the need for proper Forklift safety measures. Not for the faint-hearted.

Konstantin Graudus plays the role of Klaus and Egon Hoegen is the narrator. But we had all this great content and a great network of resources still available. But check this out.

Mine Safety Training Videos. I thought it was a Halloween video clip until I verified this was the real deal. German Forklift Safety Video.

Alas the good old days are gone. Theres been quite a lot of effort in the production go into this and were not sure what the message is supposed to be after the 10 minutes or so. Klaus the Forklift Operator German This humorous video is about Klaus our newly ordained forklift operator as we follow him around the warehouse on his first day on the job.

One of the most outrageous funny free safety videos you are likely to find. The film quickly became famous. Use custom templates to tell the right story for your business.

Australian Mining brings you a fantastic hilariously gory forklift training video from the 1980s. Whilst being in German it does have subtitles and quickly goes over the top with the horrors. German Forklift safety video A Forum Thread for GameBanana GameBanana Threads General Discussion.

Forklift load handling. For more tips on staying safe around forklifts – watch our safety videos. A safety training video from Germany.

It really is quite funny until you remember how some people can behave when incorrectly trained or when they dont think. Directed by Stefan Prehn Joerg Wagner. It adds to the air of authenticity that the narrators voice is well known from road safety films such as Der 7.

Forklift Driver Klaus – The First Day on the Job German title. It is a German Movie a. Watch at your own risk.

Originally called Staplefahrer Klaus. German health and safety resources. Yes we used to be a store where we charged for safety videos for workplace OSHA training.

Staplerfahrer Klaus Der erste Arbeitstag is presented as a workplace safety video for forklift drivers centering on the newbie Klaus Konstantin Graudus and narrated by Egon Hoegen who also narrates Der 7. It is an actual German safety training video clip on the forklift safety training program.

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