Remote Controlled Mini Forklift Project

Forkliftrivews.Com While you spend the day with something monotonous, you still need to take a break a little and relax even in your desk. But you are not kid anymore, you need different you to get relax. If you are a fan of remote control toy, there is remote controlled mini forklift project that suit with your hobby.

It’s a real forklift, only in mini size, including the pallets and the fork, fully movable, fully controlled, and working forklift as usual. It could be a great little toy to get some fun time around your desk, especially to break the stress and to get refreshed for the rest of your day.

Mini Forklift Specs and Features

Forklift project offers great fun for everyone from various ages. The controller allows you to move the mini forklift to every direction you want to. It’s like the real one, so you can move the fork up and down to lift your load with high level of precision.

At the most, a forklift project has 1/20 scale, making it as perfect replica from a full size forklift. This mini model will provide great fun for loading and moving a stuff around your desk. The details have realistic appearance to the real one, so some features that applied.

Remote Controlled Mini Forklift

Remote Controlled Mini Forklift

A remote controlled mini forklift project has light indicator and transmitter as the real forklift. There are also rubber tires, roll cage with tough construction (the body part mostly created from hard plastic). By those material, you can freely test your driving skill without worry breaking some parts.

It has ability to turn up to 60 degrees, accurate movement, sounded like a real one, lift the stuff up to 5.5 inches, and able to bring 100 pennies. You can do all of those though a remote control while you stays at your chair, at least not far from 80 feet away.

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Remote Controlled Mini Forklift Project Overview

Remote Controlled Mini Forklift

The remote control antenna uses telescopic metal type, two gamepad with controller buttons and on/off buttons at the front. Other buttons are located at the top right corner to move the fork up and down, while the battery chamber is placed on the back.

The forklift project is well made and seems very well detailed, including steering wheel, seat compartment, gear shift, even anti-slip floor at the cabin. The fork is controlled by pulley system and string located at the bottom. It’s just like a real forklift with several color options.

Regardless the fact that remote controlled mini forklift project doesn’t able to lift more than 100 pennies or move further rather than 80 feet, it’s still a great toy to play. There are various models out there, but not every models using a proper material and offers great design.

According to all of the descriptions above, it obvious that remote controlled mini forklift project is ‘boys toy’. With this toy, you can turn your office desk into a mini warehouse at free time. Through a remote control on your hand, you can move the mini forklift as a real forklift.

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