Smallest Forklift For Sale&rental

3 Smallest Forklift for Small Business Forkliftrivews.Com It’s advisable before renting or buying, you have to consider several aspects such as the workplace, the application, the material, the frequency, and others. Once your assessment comes to an end and resulted that your workplace is not too spacious, then smallest forklift perhaps the best option.

Every forklift exists as a mean to add more productivity at any business, no matter the scale is. There are different sizes and shapes that available right now, from the smallest forklift until the big one. As for smallforklift, there are well known product that fit into tight spaces.

Popular Smaller Forklift Brands

Smallest Forklift For Sale

#1. Mycros

Mycros, manufactured by Mariotti, is the smallest forklift so far. Due to its size, all control panels are easy to reach. The width is only 31 inch and 75 inch for height. This forklift offer many benefits for tight space, and has ability to walk in narrowest aisle and handling heavy load.

It used dedicated terminal to control and reprogram all forklift functions. Mycros, even claimed as the smallest forklift, is equipped with technological advanced that is reflected on the features which attached smoothly at the dashboard. There is driver seat to provide convenience for the operator.

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Smallest Forklift For Sale

The maximum load capacity is 1102 lbs, and still worthy considering the overall size. The total weight of this small forklift is 2535, with battery in it. What’s more, the cushion and the seat wrap are adjustable, ensuring convenience to the driver during operation.

#2. Tailift

Smallest Forklift For Sale

It’s one of the smallest forklift in the term of electric forklift. In the field of small forklift, Tailift was one of the pioneer through the new design and quality that they offered. The main focus is to deliver a safety while still powerful to handle heavy material at a tight space.

Convenience and comfortability are two main aspect that Tailift offered in this series. This smallest forklift will save your time, your energy, and reduce your cost significantly. It looks like Tailift has many disadvantages, but this electric forklift is actually fit into requirement to develop business further.

Tailift offers load capacity up to 3000 lbs and load center 24 inch, pretty high for small forklift. The overall width is 42.1 inch and length 116.8 inch, and already equipped with power steering tech. what’s more, Tailift comes with three options engine, which are Isuzu 4JG2, Perkin 1104C, and GM 3.0.

#3. ME Series

It’s also come from Mariotti, which apparently specialize in smallest forklift that suits into small business. ME series are sturdiest enough and one of the strongest forklift in the field of handling small loads. By looking to its size, small forklift is mean to use at small warehouse, and vice versa.

The main function of smallest forklift is to handle heavy material, though it has different classification. For example, ME series are different from Mycros series, even both are classified as forklift and manufactured from the same company.

ME series come with several configurations, such as front-wheel drive (FWD), rear-wheel drive (RWD), all-wheel drive (AWD). This smallest forklift is able to load up to 3000 lbs and already equipped with advanced system. There is multifunction LCD, 48V power supply, and CSC safety feature.

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