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Forklift Battery Charger Maintenance Tips

For electric forklift, battery charger is one of the most important part to ensure the continuity of forklift. It’s a problem for every owner if the battery charger is damaged without clear reason. A concrete solution is you should buy a new forklift battery charger, or used battery charger.

But before you doing this, make sure you understand the type of battery charger you need. Do an assessment first to the battery capacity and the specific type of charger. It will avoid you from making a useless purchasing because it couldn’t fit with your type.

But finding the right type of forklift battery charger is not only about mix-match, it’s more than that. So the best way to avoid some problems with battery are performing a routine maintenance. It will not only preventing from damage, but also extending the battery life span.

Keeping Yale Forklift Battery Charger

 Yale Forklift Battery Charger

#1. Charge Correctly


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Most of operators charging the forklift battery any time as they needs. But in order to work properly, forklift battery must be charged at a certain degree and certain time. For example, only charge a forklift battery when the power less than 30%, and never plug out until it’s full. Never interrupt charging cycle because it can lessen the lifespan.

#2. Equalize Regularly

 Yale Forklift Battery Charger

Wet battery must be equalized regularly to reverse the chemical stratification from being processed. Stratification is happen when the acid inside battery becomes concentrated, and lessen its ability to keep a power. Rebalancing this concentration will avoid the formation of battery plate. Equalizing process only can be done with special type of forklift battery charger that has ability to equalize.

#3. Fluid Level

There is water inside forklift battery charger, and the right amount of water will keep the battery work at maximum level. You must check the water level after five charge cycles by opening the battery. Take a look several cells to ensure the water still covered the plastic battery element.

#4. Keeping Water Level

If the water level isn’t enough to cover the battery element, add more water. Perform this step after 10 charge cycles by adding water, but do not overfill. Forklift battery charger needs a room to process when the battery is in use. Only add a water to the battery once its fully charged, and make sure the water has 5-7 pH scale. A warning, impurities water will quicken the damage.

#5. Keep At a Safe Temperature

You may use a forklift in extreme environment. So it necessary to assess the battery temperature with weather temperature during in use. The safe temperature for forklift battery is no more 45 C or 113 F. Using the forklift battery charger beyond this temperature will extend the battery lifespan.

#6. Forklift Charging Station

 Yale Forklift Battery Charger

In order to extend a lifespan of forklift battery charger, gives an attention to the charging station. For safety purpose, set up a facility with a designated charging area. Make sure there are clear sign, water supply, fire extinguisher, a proper ventilation, prohibit smoking, never wearing metallic jewelry, avoid to recharge with more than 25 amperes, and don’t forget to wear self-protection.

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