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Maintenance is useful to find problem that may arise without notice, battery as an example. It needs to be monitored routinely to make sure everything is under control. As an information, it’s hard to find a cheap forklift batteries at the market nowadays.

As the main function is to supply a power to the other component inside the machine block, the battery’s healthy should be checked regularly. In case there is something damaged, it can be mitigated immediately before affecting to other parts.

Cheap Forklift Batteries

Forklift Warranty System

Cheap Forklift Batteries

Though every forklift products are durable enough, sometimes it needs to be maintenance regularly. Battery is a common hidden problem that mostly undetected until it too late. Fortunately, every forklift vendor usually provides a warranty system.

The warranty system is not only about battery exactly, but the overall. The common term that applied for forklift is 2000 hours warranty of usability, or one year assurance. Other option is 4000 hours warranty, or simply two years. So, if there any damages after those year, the vendor will not accept any claims.

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Cheap Forklift Batteries

Which warranty system that to be taken is depend on the provider term, so make sure to choose the best of it. Though, those warranty options have similarities, which the vendor will guarantee the power train and some parts without being charged any additional cost.

Most vendor also commit to deliver the part within a day to a local distributor, or the next day if the distributor located outside the city. No matter the options that they gave, it’s important to ask the detail about warranty system to avoid unnecessary things in the future.

So, before operating forklift and other motorized system, perform any inspection to see that everything is work properly. It’s advisable for every operator to check routinely, and the most proper way to extend the battery lifespan is through regularly monitor the condition at daily basis.

Find a Cheap Forklift Batteries

Cheap Forklift Batteries

Again, for anyone who has a problem and still under the warranty year according to the term, it’s advisable to inform the distributor first before performing DIY fixing forklift battery. But in case there isn’t warranty system left, option two is acceptable under one condition: learn the basic system battery first.

Whether cheap forklift batteries or the expensive one, the battery consists of four main components. Namely lead peroxide plate and electrolyte sulfuric acid as positive electrode, also lead plate and lead acid as negative electrode.

An important thing to remember, battery is an electrochemical devices which able to store an energy (according to its capacity) in a chemical way. Once the forklift battery fully charged, the chemical energy is modified into electrical energy, then transformed again into mechanical energy.

But to maintenance cheap forklift batteries properly for example, first thing to do is checking the series or model number. There are lots of cheap forklift batteries brands, and each of it has own their characteristic. How treatment you should perform is depend on the battery model and the overall components.

How good the battery quality and durability are depend on the brand, but we’re not talking about brand here. The price range for cheap forklift batteries that listed in many marketplaces begin at $213. Of course the price range of cheap forklift batteries different from one brand to another, just make sure to pick one that fit with your forklift type.

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