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Forklift Access Control System Forkliftrivews.Com What Should We Know About Forklift Access Control System?

A forklift access control helps to secure and control forklift remotely from distance. This device will make sure that forklift is only can be accessed to certified or authorized user for certain operational purpose. It has also ability to adjust the acceleration and speed of forklift for greater safety.

What’s more, forklift access control offers complete control to various type of industrial vehicle in order to get easier asset optimization. This system now applies widely in a massive scale in order to protect the vehicle from unauthorized user, also to prevent accident at the workplaces.

The best forklift access control must be compatible with various models and numerous types of forklift. It utilizes access code and other method to verify that the operators have permission to drive the right forklift. Through this device, a manager is able to measure and monitor the operational process.

Forklift Access Control Benefits

Forklift Access Control System

In case there is some mistakes with the movement process, the manager has a chance to overtake the vehicle remotely to minimize the effects. Several types of forklift access control already equipped with collision sensor to measure the impact and provide warning immediately.

This collision sensor is able to provide some data regarded the impact collision to the forklift. Of course it will help the maintenance program easier, because the damage has been identified quickly. Through this combinations, a manager could perform any evaluation about driving behavior.

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Forklift Access Control System

With forklift access control, only certificate user who can unlock and use the specific vehicle. The result, an unqualified user is prevented from driving forklift, also reducing the chance of damage and accident. So each user has its access code, instead of a code for many users.

There are benefits from utilizing forklift access control. The most noticeable is to reduce the possibility of having accident or damage at the workspace because only authorized user who has permit to drive it. Other benefits are increasing more responsibility to the worker because everything is recorded.

Standard Forklift Access Control Specs

Forklift Access Control System

A physical forklift access control consists only one control unit that must be attached on the vehicle. Though other brands provide forklift access control with other devices as an additional system. For example, sometimes there is additional unit contains collision sensor as a separated device.

Forklift access control mostly formed as stand alone device, and it has couple authentications modes to lock or unlock the system. The popular mode is through pin, which the system able to store up to 1000 pass codes, and other is trough dedicated card by swiping over it.

Some brands also provide fingerprint authentication to access the control. There are USB port, wired connectivity, 2.5 inch LCD as display type, 1GB capacity memory, support Windows OS, reading range 5-10 inch. Some sensor inside forklift access control such as fingerprint, biometric reader, proximity, smart card, and others.

This system will improve the security significantly by preventing illegal access of industrial equipment. Forklift access control is easy to install, and more importantly, very cost effective. Even some provider are also offering a training program to operate the system, or even installation process.

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